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  • Overview

Thank you to all participants who registered in the Tilenga Massive Open Online Course and congratulations to all those who successfully completed the Course!

If you successfully completed the MOOC (100% modules completed, all videos watched in full, all quizzes completed, 48 badges acquired) please do not forget to get your certificate on the course progress page!


We are happy to share with you a summary of the preliminary results:

  • Among the 13,000 people who registered to the Tilenga MOOC more than 3,000 fully completed the MOOC
  • 24% of women among the successful candidates! Congrats Ladies!
  • 11% of the successful candidates originated or living in the districts close to our Operations
  • 29% have UACE-A, 17% Diploma, 48% Bachelor, 2% Masters degrees


This broad participation to the Tilenga MOOC will enable us to ensure diversity among the selected people.

Please note that the Tilenga MOOC certificate is proof of attendance to the MOOC and is detached from the rest of the selection process. Only the very best participants with the highest score among their categories will be evaluated along other parameters such as geographical location and gender diversity in order to continue in the selection process.

Course Overview

The Tilenga MOOC launched by TotalEnergies EP Uganda is aimed at identifying potential recruits that will join the TotalEnergies EP Uganda training programme and be mobilized in order to participate in the development of the Tilenga project in Uganda. The MOOC will be open from 10 January 2022 to 21 March 2022